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Looking for NEW, REFURBISHED or USED phone & voice mail systems?
Excel-Tel.Com specializes in the sales of new, refurbished, and used phone systems.  Most of our phone system and voice mail installations  revolve around the Panasonic, AT&T, and Nortel product lines. The majority of our customers are small to mid-size businesses with the number of phone lines ranging from 2 lines up to 48 numbers. 

So what's the difference between NEW, REFURBISHED & USED phone systems?


  1. New phone systems generally have an 18 month warranty.
  2. NEW phone systems will usually have the most current and up to date software features available at time of purchase.
  3. NEW phone systems will come in cosmetically perfect condition including all new documentation and user guides.
  4. NEW phone systems as expected will cost the most.
  5. Expect a minimum use of 10 yrs and more.


  1. REFURBISHED phone systems generally have 12 month warranties.
  2. REFURBISHED phone systems are usually at least a year old and will have a majority of the most common and requested features.
  3. REFURBISHED phone systems will be cosmetically in very good to excellent condition plus photo-copies of user guides and manual will be provided.
  4. REFURBISHED phone systems will typically cost 30%-40% less than NEW phone systems.
  5. Expect a minimum use of 7 yrs and more.


  1. USED phone systems generally have a 30 - 180 day warranty depending on condition of equipment.
  2. USED phone systems are usually at least 3 yrs old or more and MAY be missing some common features such as Caller ID or even voice mail integration.
  3. USED phone systems cosmetically will look average to very good condition. Expect very little documentation. Exceptional deals can be had.
  4. USED phone systems will typically cost 40%-70% less than NEW phone systems.
  5. Expect a minimum use 1-5 yrs.
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