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How To Troubleshoot Your Business Phone System
Before you can fix your phone or phone system problem you need to isolate the source of the problem first. To put it simply, the source of the problem will either be outside or inside of your premises. Troubleshooting the problem requires breaking down the problem in a logical manner.

No Dial Tone (a dead line) is caused by a break or a short of the wires sending you the dial tone.

  1. If the problem is on ALL lines and on ALL the phones then go to your phone system box and make sure that the power light is on the main phone system box.
  2. If the problem is on ONE number and the same on ALL the phones then first make sure that all the phones are hung up and the SPEAKER-PHONE button on all the phones is off. Next option is to unplug any auxiliary device that may be connected to that same line such as an answering machine, credit card machine, or ATM.  Your alarm system panel may also be the source but call your vendor for that. Next option is to turn the phone system off , wait 30 seconds and turn it back on again.  Next option is call your phone system vendor. 847-299-1107
  3. If the problem is just on one phone then make sure all the cords are plugged in correctly. Next option is to take a good phone including the cords and see if it works in that same jack. If it still doesn’t work then you should call your phone system vendor.
  4. If the problem is on a handful of phones but NOT ALL the phones you could have a bad board in the system and you should call your phone system vendor. Excel-Tel .com 847-299-1107


  1. If static is on the SAME line and on ALL the phones then the problem is most likely with the main phone box, the wires before the phone box, or on the outside. Call your phone system vendor.
  2. If the static is on all lines and on ONE phone then first change the handset coiled cord. Next change the cord from the wall to the phone. If you use a cord untangler remove that. The next option is to swap out the phone and see if the problem goes away with a different phone. If that still doesn’t help then call your phone system vendor. 847-299-1107.

Note: There are many variables that go into troubleshooting your phones or phone lines. If you are unsure or uncomfortable unplugging wires , the phones or power cords then DONíT do it and call us . Excel-Tel .com 847-299-1107

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