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Upgrading and Expanding your phone system
All phone systems come with a maximum number of lines & a maximum number of extension/phone capacity. Most of the smaller sized phone systems are branded with the manufacturers name & capacity.
Some examples:
Panasonic KX-TD 816 = Maximum 8 lines x 16 extensions
Panasonic KX-TA 1232= Maximum 12 lines x 32 extensions
Norstar CICS816 = Maximum 8 lines x 16 extensions

Need more phones? Need more lines?
In many cases you can expect to find your phone system has not yet reached its maximum capacity. Excel-Tel can help you determine if your current phone system is expandable. If expansion is an option we can provide you with new or refurbished parts to upgrade your current system to more lines and extensions.

Need voice mail? Need Caller ID?
The older the phone system the less chance caller ID or an internal voice mail system will be compatible. Excel-Tel will help you identify whether your phone system can be upgraded to use these common features. Whatever your expansion or upgrade needs are, we can help.

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